The amount of material gathered by David in his 5 decades of study and research is beyond what can be taught in a normal TTC. Because of this he is writing books and recording videos to explain the results of his research. The books shown above are some of his writings on the different aspects and forms of yoga. The online courses include these books and come with hundreds of videos.

This main Chakra Yoga manual is the main book for the study of the chakras. Written and illustrated by David, it is a comprehensive explanation of the chakras from a western scientific perspective. It Contains many details from psychological influences to the connections of glands and organs in the physical body. With the practices in yoga this becomes an essential book for the understanding of mind/body medicine, as well as for going beyond the body.

This is a very good introduction to the whole science of yoga; it also makes the connection to the forms of yoga important for the development of each energy center and certain practices for each.

The Healers manual takes us deeper into the body’s physiological functions and how the mindset and belief system can often interfere with how the immune system could be functioning 100%. The PDF version of the book contains many active links to scientific research and medical studies that help us build a better more positive attitude to support our own health.

Helping to understand how the immune functions work is a key to making it work better since it creates a stronger belief about our capability to repair our own body and maintain an automatic defence against any bacteria or virus which could potentially be harmful or even destructive.

Our misunderstanding of this system makes us vulnerable to negative suggestions, fears and worries about our health, and even creates health problems through the power of negative thinking – what is called the nocebo effect. This is the opposite of the placebo effect in which the power of believing in the healing power of a medicine makes it work for us.

Pranayama Yoga is the firepower of yoga, the wind that fuels the flames. The art of deep breathing takes a while to learn and of course much longer to practice. there are 46 different breathing techniques in this book, from the easy steps of each section of the breath to techniques that require weeks to perform. Some are for physiological benefits, some for emotional release, and some for mental clarity, but most of them are based on the ability to breathe with our full lung capacity to be effective.

Also, we need to be aware of the Prana aspect, which is considered more important than the air itself. The scientific explanation of prana is in the first part of the book, nothing mystical about it, any more than electricity is mystical.

Hatha is the classical asana practice. this manual describes 150 asanas, with photos and benefits of doing them.