The Chakra Yoga Center in Palawan

In a world where civilization is far from enlightened and not at all sustainable,
we might need to back up a couple of generations in time to
look at where we made the wrong turn.

The Chakra Yoga Educational Center in Palawan is based on sustainable living simply in nature while focusing on learning and growing in consciousness. The sustainable aspect is already largely in place, with solar power, one creek and two springs, and dozens of varieties of fruit trees. Presently the main house is being repaired and large sections of the land is being cleared for planting edible products.

The feeling of independent living in this sustainable situation is like a profound security coming from the earth itself. We have long lost that feeling of living in a garden, being part of nature. There is no need to conquer or subdue; we can cultivate a sense of belonging while living in cooperation with the natural elements.

The image on the left is from the early days when the land was first purchased and my friend Harold put up a temporary shelter for us to see the ocean view. In the years that followed we built a more permanent structure (on the right). With that came solar power and the earthly task of planting fruit trees and all types of edible crops.

For those interested in being part of a new community with a foundation in Yoga, we offer plots of land at local prices so that you can have a place to build a house and a place to call home in Southeast Asia.

Leasing a 100-square-meter piece of land would be about $190 USD per month, or less than that in the long term. I would personally think of doing a 20-year lease, renewable. I have never been into renting houses, strong tendency to build my own; I have built 4 family homes so far, then they can be rented out if you are not there, or sold.