Quantum Sound Retreat


An education in vibration and sound

August 12 to 16th

This will be a 5 day retreat about sound, its effect on us and how we can effectively use its frequencies in a way of healing and creating better states of consciousness. Most people are aware of the effect music has on our emotional state, from simple enjoying your favorite music to feeling the effect of chaotic sounds used to create suspense and fear in Hollywood movies.


Day 1


Part 1  7am -9


  • Introduction to sound potential

  • The pranava and the origin of sound

  • Movement and flow with sound


Part 2   10am – 12


  • The theory of vibration  in ancient texts; Bible , Vedas etc.

  • Video on modern string theory

  • The yogic Chakras and frequencies

    The use of breath to set rhythm in heart-beat and other body functions


Part 3   4pm – 6


  • The practice of chanting and it; effectiveness

  • Extending our senses to both feel and hear sound frequencies

  • Yoga chequitsa and energy movement

  • The experience of Tibetan singing bowls applied to the spine


Day 2


Part 1   7am  – 9


  • The Pranava followed by Om japa

  • Asanas practiced with appropriate seed sounds (Bija Mantras)

  • Observing the words in your head


Part 2


  • Breathing technique with sound, Brahmari – male and female breath

  • The internal use of Sah Hang kriya

  • Drumming and moving with the rhythm; listening and movement

  • Freestyle dancing


Part 3


  • The Water movie

  • Discussion on the power of internal sound

  • Swadhiyaya practice and the observation of sound creation


Optional evening dance

Day 3


Part 1


  • Morning Pranava

  • Asanas with music and Egyptian Dance

  • Observing the effect of movement on your thought process

  • Thoughts as the sounds in your head, the seeds


Part 2


  • Egyptian concepts of sound being the foundation of everything

  • Sound journey in the Dome

  • Random sound creation and playing with frequencies


Part 3


  • The sound bed, its operation and function

  • Frequencies from subsonic to bass & mid-range to treble

  • Music selection and the various effects

Day 4


Part 1


  • Pranava with extended humming

  • Music and dance – Egyptian 2

  • Rhythm and Savitri, learning to follow the beat

  • The importance of oxygen


Part 2

  • Harmonic and chaotic sounds

  • Sound journey  ‘Heaven and Hell’

  • Discussion

  • Tibetan chanting  & angelic sounds

Part 3


  • Building plans and ‘making’ a sound bed

  • Materials and wood

  • Speakers, amplifiers, mixers

  • Atmosphere, noise cancellation etc.

Feedback and testimonials:

I’ve been lucky to have several experiences related to many ancestral cultures while traveling. However, the quantum chair brought me to places where Peyote and Ayahuasca couldn’t. Everything is set so you don’t have to do anything and so the full internal experience remains accessible to anyone. I did not have any specific trauma to work on, but I have experienced what is love in its purest form and what makes us a whole. I do feel like there will be a before and after this experience in my life and I’m very grateful that there are people like you David who make this possible to experience for anyone.      Cl

‘I was blessed to receive several sound journeys during my three month YTT at Pyramid. They remain some of the most gentle, powerful and profound experiences of my life. Time and space dissolved and I experienced myself as colour and sound in what felt like a recapitulation experience of the most delicious flavour. Afterwards I felt profoundly grateful, embodied, joyous and attuned. When I hear some of the tracks to this day I’m immediately taken back to the experience. So very much looking forward to the next. Deep gratitude.’       D. L.

“The sound chair experience was cathartic. A true release of everything I didn’t know that was stored inside me.”   V

Day 5

Part 1


  • Dance, music and seed sounds applied

  • The importance of breath and oxygen with the sound

  • Nasargha Bhastrika and complete breathing


Part 2


  • Nada Bhrama with OM

  • The frequencies of the chakras  –  theory and experience

  • Discussion and questions


Part 3


  • Finishing and testing the sound bed

  • Technical questions

  • Chanting Om