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Chakra Yoga Continuing Education

Online Programs:

We currently have 12 programs running:

  1. Introduction to the Chakra Yoga System
  2. Basic Breath Training Workshop
  3. Ekadasi Pranayama Psychological Detox
  4. The Chakra System Part 1 (1-5)
  5. The Chakra System Part 2 (6-9)
  6. Yantra Yoga
  7. Laya Kundalini
  8. Anti-Virus Program
  9. Dharana – Contemplation
  10. Master Upgrade
  11. Concentration & Manifestation
  12. Membership, ( Monthly)

The Master program contains all of these Plus extra video material for only $2754


1.  Introduction to the Chakra Yoga System:

Videos and explanations about Yoga, Chakras and why it is a system.
–  a system is the integration of many parts, yoga is the uniting of them
Students need to know how the energy world is Key to the Mind and Body
–   bringing in the latest in scientific discoveries -> the realm of Quantum Physics
This is explained through documentaries and books with the discussion of content
–  Books like Quantum Revelation are recommended reading + videos

2.  Basic Breath Training Workshop:      $108

This is the beginning of Yoga
–  as breathing was the beginning of your life
The average person uses 10% of their lungs only
–  by coincidence the same % of brain cells
Increasing Human Potential begins here
–  This path is natural, watch the movie “Lucy” for comparison
The techniques for Full Potential and in the workshop
–  the explanations make the how and why obvious
The practice is your responsibility
–  the Inspiration to practice is mine

YogaDave has been practicing and teaching the art of complete deep breathing since 1970:  MAHAT  YOGA  PRANAYAMA
–    He is a living example of the result.

This Online Workshop comes with 3.5 hours of video scientific physiological explanation & demonstration, and a small booklet for those who still read.

For the micro-investment of $108, the rest of your life will be significantly enhanced.

This is the first step in the journey of a lifetime.

The Journey is the purpose of human life.

God breathed life into the nostrils of Man
–  and he became a Living Soul.  Why does no one contemplate the importance of this?


3. Ekadasi Pranayama Psychological Detox:       $270

15-day Pranayama Yoga retreat with a focus on releasing the effects of
past trauma and negative experiences.

This 15-day retreat is suitable for everyone who is looking to heal from the past experiences which have left scars on their mental and emotional being.
–  This is the beginning part of a yogic education which goes on to become a comprehensive education. Here done as a standalone retreat for the purpose of letting go of the past and moving forward with our lives.
–  It was developed by yogis in the Chakra Yoga System centuries ago for renunciation of the inhibitions and limitations from past entanglements. This leads to empowerment through self-knowledge and understanding of family and cultural influences.
–  letting go of everything in your past that no longer serves your present development, going from bad habits to childhood traumas, including many negative experiences which have happened in our lives; oftentimes this has happened in past relationships, then the mind tends to project it into new relations.
–  It is important to do the Breath Training first to ensure that you get maximum benefit.
–  In the field of the psychology of yoga, and general psychology, these negative experiences are known to inhibit our behaviour they can distort our personality. To move forward in life it is necessary to look ahead with a clean slate and not be burdened with the repetition of the old unpleasant experiences.
*  Traumatic events, negative emotional experiences, sad memories and other incidents make us hold our breath – this becomes a pattern (physiological habit), of shallow breathing which creates oxygen deficiency leading to cell degeneration physically, and degenerative disease. When this occurs in the brain cells we suffer from similar degeneration which we experience as negative states of mind, anxiety, worry, fear and depression; in the long term, it takes us to Alzheimer’s.

The Ekadasi Pranayama technique is designed to bring the roots of the problems up into consciousness for analysis and resolution. These Pranayama techniques are not a recent invention but have been in use for centuries and are more than adequately tested. Not to be taken lightly, it takes two weeks to do Ekadasi properly, with a systematic review and analysis of what lessons have been learned through our individual life experiences. The result is an energetic reaction to deep breathing as we are stepping into a physiological function with deep roots in the subconscious realm. We have many programs in this area that govern and regulate heartbeat, circulation, digestion, immune functions etc. These are all automatic by default. While we are stepping into this basement area with the light of consciousness, we can see many things from the past that have not been resolved.

By bringing the roots of the problems up into consciousness for analysis and resolution we gain the power to delete the behaviour connected to our subconscious response  Journaling and self-analysis are practiced during this time, leading us to deepen our understanding of our own life experiences. Understanding what has happened to us and Why brings a better insight into human nature from which we can more easily accept and forgive. The very recognition of how human behaviour is programmed into us from past generations, and people repeat this without awareness, brings a sense of compassion.

The experience is done with the counselling of a qualified psychologist, and a yogi who has been working with this technique for 50 years while having done it himself 80 times during that period. It is well integrated into a yoga program which brings in various other forms of yoga including the well-known asanas, and meditative practices.

You will also learn about the 9 forms of yoga, something that is not frequently taught, in a dynamic and creative way. This two-week module is part of more extensive training as in the Master TTC or can be done separately. As part of the larger program this begins a child-like learning attitude that can carry you into the deeper realms of the 9 forms of yoga.

You will receive daily yoga classes, which will move your body in a healthy functional way as we teach poses that accelerate the foundations of your internal organs. Beyond that, some concentration techniques to delete and re-program, and some meditation.

Zoom classes with the instructors will be every third day; at these times it is good to prepare your questions. It can also be a personal time to discuss issues that are unique to yourself.

Price of the individual program:  $ 270   plus additional counselling time and support that may be needed.

4 The Chakra System, Part 1 (1-5).           $360

The Chakra Yoga System * Part 1, serves as an introduction to the greater field of the entire science of yoga, light years beyond the asanas. Those who have done this can move to Part 2; those who have done a teacher training with this system (with David) can go directly to Part 2, on the 6th to 9th chakras.

This takes us through a journey of the 5 lower chakras, Certification for this part would constitute the first 200 hours of the Chakra Yoga System, and only requires you to write a test to verify that you have understood what was taught so far. (David has declined to renew his membership with Yoga Alliance after 20 years because of their lack of respect for the spiritual evolving nature of the science and their global influence in reducing it to a safe fitness program.)

Both parts 1 & 2 are still in the introduction level of the chakras. The continuation moves into a deeper experience and understanding of the whole energy system of the chakras. Each part or ‘module’ will be about one specific chakra, going much deeper into all aspects of this energy world. Each can be done individually, on your own time. The subject is deep, and you must consider that the knowledge of this nature goes beyond this world, and goes with you when you leave this world. Spiritual education goes Beyond.

Description of purpose and content:

From what I have seen in the 21st-century yoga community, the comprehensive knowledge held in this ancient science is still relatively unknown. Western science on the other hand has gone full circle, from absolute materialism to quantum waves and quantum fields.

Nothing new in this re-discovery; these energy fields have been known to ancient cultures for millennia. These cultures admit they received this information from previous civilizations. The energy fields are called Chakras and make the foundation of the Yoga System of knowledge.

For us in the present age of energy, understanding this energy system which keeps the connection between brain and body can only give us a better grasp of both our mind and body. The reality of practicing yoga without the knowledge of the “energy wheels” is like driving a car without knowing what the steering wheel does.

These ‘wheels’ are the driving forces that activate all body systems, from the reproductive to the eliminative, from digestion to immune response. Everything in us is powered by energy just as with our technology. The same forces running through the brain make up most of our thought processes.

The Chakra Yoga System presents us with an elaborate and detailed view of the entire mind-energy-body complex we call the human reality. Crowning reality is the field of consciousness observing all experiences. This overview of the Chakra Yoga System comes with the techniques and methods to make adjustments whenever necessary so as to correct any problems at any level of our being.

This education leads to ‘self-mastery’, a forgotten art in modern education. It is the first in a series of progressive steps towards becoming a director of your own life from the inside out, creating impeccable health and amazing creative potential.

David Goulet:

David has been a practicing yogi for over 52 years and teaching people for 50 years. He has started his own schools for teacher training in Canada, Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines. He has a scientific perspective and has long been studying the science of yoga and chakras while researching the quantum connection. He connects yoga with belief systems, mental and emotional issues, physical issues, brain chemistry, neuro-biology and quantum physics, etc. He is a rare teacher of 9 forms of yoga who uses the yantra system, chakra analysis, & yoga calendar to gain a deeper understanding of people’s lifepath, karma and dharma cycles.

He is aware the chakra yoga system can empower people to really know about themselves and gain control of their lives. Through that wisdom, we gain a holistic perspective of our life and its possibilities while expanding our consciousness. Through this knowledgeable empowerment, we help raise collective awareness to a better state of health & happiness.

Each workshop is a building block towards mastering yoga, which also serves as a TTC, but is much more comprehensive.




  • Explanation of Samkhya Science on which yoga is based

Chakras and physiology

  • The 5 Elements with focus on Earth; what does this mean?
  • The 4 directions and chakras –
  • Psychology of the first chakra – Muladhara.

How does your body feel – does it provide you with pleasure or pain?

How is your mental self-image, and where does it come from?

  • The Five bodies (koshas) – are briefly described.
  • Contemplation, Dharana: how to deal with the mind?

The verbal process. Sah Hang Kriya How to think or to Not think.

  • The visual process, mandala, and imagination.

Video re – programing.

Practical Classes:

Being grounded in the feelings of the moment:

  • The art of complete deep breathing – in parts 1 and 2.
  • Muscles and Dandhals – one Dandhal video.
  • Part 1 of Egyptian
  • Hip opener
  • ZOOM meeting


  • The elements of earth, water and fire.
  • What is this in Yantra, in Astrology, in Alchemy, in Chemistry, in Physics?
  • Realizing we are mostly water.
  • Check in on the breathing progress.
  • Water Relaxation
  • Psychology in our social image
  • Discussion on social influences, the programs we have and hold.
  • Forgiveness contemplation.
  • The Yama/Niyama – the purpose and the practice
  • Guided contemplation with swadhiyaya
  • Water video

Practical Classes

  • Egyptian flow – part 2
  • Class on 2nd Movement with music. Shoulder opening.
  • Part 3 is the upper chest breath.
    Focus is on feeling the flow from one posture to another rather than the posture.ZOOM meeting (05/09)


  • Manipura, digestion, transformation, changing habits.
  • Vision and direction for your life. Empowerment. What the Bleep and possibilities. . .
  • Visualization, creating and holding an image.
  • Sacred Geometry, the way of mind – past to future.
  • Psychological attributes, suppression and expression. Creative ways of expression
    powerful release methods. No Dimension dance.
  • Breathing in four directions, actions to be taken. Will power to Do.
  • Higher tech visualizations with chakras 1,2,3 videos on this

Practical Classes:

  • Full Egyptian flow, Nasargha Bhastrika
  • Active movements, warrior moves punches, kicks
  • Class on the 3rd chakra.
  • ZOOM meeting. . .


  • Healing – the auto immune system, thymus and white blood cells.
    Videos on immune function, bacteria and viruses scientific validation
  • Feelings, physiological, good or bad – exploring, without judgement.
  • Psychological: conscious or subconscious – guilt, fear and doubt and how these interfere with immune response.
  • Bruce Lipton’s short video and links to websites from MDs
  • 4 directional breathing with swadhiyaya.
  • Discussion about truth and reality. Learning to ‘feel’ the reality of energy, rapid breathing relaxations to feel the buzz
  • The Template
  • Breathing and circulatory system; immune-enhancing movements. Thymus activation.

While holding the focus on feelings.

  • Breath check
  • ZOOM meeting…

WEEK 5 – ETHER (electromagnetic)

  • Truth and your belief system, analysis and contemplation. Let’s look at our technology and the use of microwaves – the universal ocean or 5G
    the brain and the laptop -where is the mind?
  • Upgrading your education with the power of thought. Vibration and voice.
  • Thyroid and parathyroid issues. Thinking
  • Belief system changes and education. The scientific base for the system.
  • Ego and psychological resistance.
  • Can you pause your mind? Going deeper with contemplation and our influence on the mind. Finding the Gap between thoughts.
  • No dimension dances with breathing.
  • Nada Brahma in the sound temple.

Practical Classes

  • Activation of Thyroid with breath and movement; thought and mantra during practice.
  • Thyroid video routine.

+++ We do Zoom meetings and classes to stay connected with students. All of them are recorded.

5. Part 2 CHAKRAS OF THE MIND     $270

The elements of Mind and Consciousness

The scientific view of the Magnetic force, compared with Electromagnetic.

The Brain is the central processor. Ajna the comand center. The director.
Image and imagination; our perception of the world as holographic.

Video on the imaginal cells.

The pituitary and brain chemistry. Hypothalamus, thinking, and the “Molecules of Emotion”.

Asana and Pranayama Practice for Ajna chakra.

The Miracle of Pancha Sahita – Practice.

Consciousness, awareness, the observer and attention; the new babies in science. Sahasrara

Videos on the pineal gland; how to direct the Observer.

Higher states of consciousness and the complementary Dandhal as grounding practice.

Visual concentration for defragmenting the mind.

Raising the observer to the universal trinity of 7-8-9

Any questions, let us know.


EMAIL: joanna and/or david





Each module (workshop) is a training in itself, but they also come in a series which add up into a TTC certificate with the appropriate number of hours. For those going on from there, the courses become credits in a Yoga Master Program that lead to a multidimensional certificate of universal acceptance.

6. YANTRA YOGA ONLINE       $216

Yantra Yoga is the study of Sacred Geometry as seen in the traditional
chakra mandalas, and as used in temple architecture & Pyramids.
Read More about Yantra yoga…

The yantra online course:
5 main classes of at least 3 hours each with videos and
practice calculating charts and calendars
3 recorded Zoom discussions
All the classes you can send your questions or comments and we will reply as soon as possible.

Sacred Geometry & Chakra Calendars:

This course is to explain the chakra forces as they are manifested in the geometry of the world around us, and how they alternately revolve through the cycles of time.
The chakras are universal forces of electromagnetic waves which make up the ocean we are swimming in, immersed in, and very much part of. These are termed “waves of possibilities” in modern quantum physics; once you become conscious of their reality, you can learn to direct them for a better manifestation of health, life or state of consciousness.
The recently published “Quantum Revelation” explains the science behind this possibility. Documentaries like “What the Bleep” and various others are available on YouTube.
Yantra is the intellectual form of yoga which brings in mathematics and geometry to lay out a map of the human mind with the chakra energies.
The frequencies of these electromagnetic waves are measured in time cycles which is the number of waves in 1 second of time, or, the length of 1 wave which is the distance from the peak of one wave to the next. This is raw physics with no connection or known effect on human beings.

What is the program???

Yantra Day One (Part 1)

A brief introduction to the forces as chakra (wheels/vortexes) of universal energies and how they are seen in modern scientific research, where they are described as gravity, magnetism etc.
Looking at how these became the elements in various cultures of the past, and are now termed quantum fields in physics.
Everything is spinning around, the earth around the sun, the moon around the earth, and the earth in its rotations. Likewise, energy is spinning/spiraling in waves of possibilities.
The practical application in Yantra is based on these measurements of waves or cycles of time as they influence energy in our thoughts and behaviour. The Chakras ARE the energies which manifest life here in the physical world, and knowing what energy makes up your being, and which force you have access to today, this month and this year gives you an advantage in planning.
Calculation of the chakras that make up your inner being – according to your time of entry into this material dimension.
The three periods of life = are educational, productive, and spiritual.
The Total: Birth Path
Characteristics as they exist physiologically in humans.
Characteristics as they manifest psychologically in human behaviour, thought and emotions.
Understanding the qualities unfolding from these chakra energies as they make up an individual ‘personality’.
How to calculate and balance these forces, making up a personal chart for chakra analysis.
Practicing these calculations with people you know.

Yantra Day 2 (Part 2)

Chakra influences through time:
– The plant cycle => from seed to fruition.
– The Human cycle:
Beginning, social, empowerment, testing, growth, analysis-decisions, flowering, fruition and contemplation.
Cycles of the earth – year – changes from one cycle to another.
The length of each cycle is different.
Cycles of the months and days.
The merging and blending of cycle transitions.
Fading in, Fading out
The relative strength of various cycles.
Calculating the cycle for months and days.
Combinations and interpretations =>> leading to intuitive development.

Yantra Day 3 (Part 3)

– The Karmic Reactive cycles and emotion.
– Differences between active cycles and re-active cycles.
– Calculating the re-active cycles – month, day and the years of your life.
– Contemplation exercise: how chakra influences complement or undermine each other.
– How to go with the flow of time.
– Reading the interpretation chart.
– Looking backwards at your life to see what was in line.
Seeing how you can learn about the chakras by understanding how those forces have influenced you in the past.

Yantra Day 4 (Part 4)

– The Dharmic cycles. What is Dharma as different from Karma?
– Which calendar to follow – depending on your desire level.
– Purpose of your life => active contemplation on why you are here.
– The 18-year Rita cycle, the 2-year cycle.
– Differing interpretations in the Dharmic cycle.
– The Yama & Niyama. How do these pull you out of the karmic cycles?

Yantra Day 5 (Part 5)

Geometry is an intrinsic part of universal design.
Symmetry and angles of intersection. Patterns of energy.
Sound video
Designing a personal mandala.

PRICE = 216 USD ( Paypal) includes the newly written book on Yantra Yoga, the only one of its kind.


Any questions or comment let us know. Send a message to joanna and David






7.  Laya Kundalini         $270

Laya Yoga is the active practice for awakening the Force known in Yoga as Kundalini > the Serpent Power. Kundalini is referred to as a coiled serpent, because a serpent moves in waves, like energy, and when not on the move remains in a coil. This coiled-up energy in the real world is the coils of our DNA, and when we unravel some of these coiled and transform them back into energy – it makes a lot of energy.

As in the 100-year-old formula, E=MC2 one-hundredth of a gram of human substance equals a lot of power. Taking ‘m’ as .001 kg, we can calculate the energy content of this amount of matter (any matter) as E= mc2 =.001 x c2 = 1 x (3 x 108) 2 = 9×1016 Joules = 25 x108 kWh, that is 250,000 million kilowatt-hours. How much energy is that? If we consider 10,000 kWh to be the average annual power consumption (833 kWh per month) of a modern household, then this would power your household for 25,000 years. In science this is called nuclear power; in Yoga it is Kundalini.

So how much of this power do you need to release to do what you want to do? Not much. The yogic methods of doing this are explained in the form of Laya Yoga. Laya means to dissolve, and what we can dissolve is just a few cells to be pretty empowered. These Laya Yoga Kriyas in the science of Chakra Yoga for the first time in 50 years that David has known them. They would be and are considered possibly dangerous for those unprepared, and why they are rarely taught. Now considering the global situation of the leaders in power, it is time for people to know more about personal empowerment.

These will now be taught On-Line through the Chakra Yoga System in conjunction with the Mantra Laya, which is the balancing technique to regulate the power in a safe and gentle increase. David has not taught these to many people in the past. Best to talk with David to discuss how prepared you are.
8 weeks, eight classes of instruction with a week given to practice each technique. Every class is recorded and you keep the videos for reference; not advised to teach these to anyone.
For the 8 weeks, the cost is $270 Contact: Joanna – [email protected] or David

According to Quantum Physics, the universe is an electromagnetic ocean made of “waves of possibilities”.

Some student feedback from this course:

Hey team, just thought I’d share that I had my first ever Reiki session with a practitioner that integrates the Chakras into her Reiki work. She was completely blown away by how much light/energy was flowing out of my Crown Chakra she said it was like a lightning bolt. She also couldn’t believe how open my Chakras were (she said they were like abyss’) and how much love was pouring out of me. My own experiences and feelings already confirm how amazing these practices are, but it was nice to get some external validation that the practices are indeed working! Pretty crazy after only a few months of practicing, super excited to keep deepening into and expanding the energy.. Super grateful for these teachings hope everyone else is journeying well ?????


Pyramid Yoga Center in Thailand is the home base for the Science of Chakra Yoga. From here David has been on tour to give retreats and workshops in many different locations as well as the Teacher Training programs offered in Thailand.
There will possibly be workshops given at the Palawan center. These give an introduction to the broader education in the 9 forms of yoga taught in the Chakra Yoga System. Later in 2023, there may be a Yoga Sustainable Living Retreat which emphasizes how to live in nature comfortably in co-operation with nature with your own health kept in peak performance, while your basic needs are supplied by mother nature. The focus in Palawan brings in natural sustainable living. The center is located on 4 hectares of rich farm-able land with hundreds of fruit trees already in production.

In 2020 David was scheduled to go on tour with his teaching partner Joanna from April until September with workshops scheduled in Cyprus, Egypt, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and others pending. Most of these would have been a repetition of the Chakra Yoga System introductory workshop, but go beyond that in the areas where David has been teaching for years. All of this has been postponed due to the pandemic situation having shut down most of the world.

David Goulet guided dedicated yogis through an advanced Chakra Yoga course in the month of February 2020 at the Thailand center. The course expanded on the techniques learned in the level 1 teacher training course. View the major highlights here.


8.  Anti-Virus Program             $360

This program has evolved from the Cancer remission program – which in itself has proven effective in putting many diseases into remission. The current program includes a greater education about the biology and physiology of our immune system with the additive of yoga techniques to bring this system back up to peak performance. The present civilization is functioning (surviving) with immune response of less than 15% efficiency; no wonder people are afraid of invisible microscopic molecules.
This course comes with a PDF book with many links to research sites and scientific documentaries to validate the science behind what is stated.


9.  Contemplation   Dharana           $270

The training in Contemplation and Concentration are called Dharana and Dhyana in the 8 limbs of yoga. These bring us into the higher states of meditation (Samadhi) and beyond this world, in the Yoga tradition. Of course, they have a very practical value in the world as well, in as far as these practices bring clarity and focus to our mental abilities. They are connected in a rather interdependent way; we need some degree of concentration in order to be able to contemplate what is on our minds, and we need to be able to contemplate our mental content in order to gain enough peace of mind to concentrate. For the general population, the first step is a good contemplative analysis of all the things on our mind. Our knowlege has come mostly from other people, originally from parents, siblings and teachers at school; it is an inherited knowledge which is absorbed into us in the early years, then programmed into our minds in the following years. and finally cemented into our box mind in our graduate education. The number of errors, the amount of mis-information we end up with, can be overwhelming. Because there are conflicting theories in our education, from historical facts that have been re-written, to scientific theories which are not factual but seriously conceptual, our minds remain busy night and day trying to come to Real understanding which may not even be possible.

Underlying this inherited and programmed belief system are the emotional attitudes, behaviour patterns, traumas and personal unresolved issues that affect each of us.  Hopefully, this part of our mind has been swept out during the earlier practices of Swadhyaya and Ekadasi. Now the real and remaining challenge is the in-depth re-programming of the mind – looking at and analyzing everything we have come to believe in without even choosing the ideas that make up the belief system.
We must come to see our minds and its pre-conceived notions clearly for what they are in order to go beyond the box of expectations to perceive the reality of the energetic world in its true nature. This not only goes beyond expectations but also beyond the sensual perception of the normal world. This is the real goal of yoga.


10.  Master Upgrade            $360

This one is the final course that brings in the details about the chakras from a scientific and mythological perspective. The sacred knowledge part of yoga relates to the hidden secrets about energy, chemistry and the mental influence we can have on all this. It has been coded into mythological stories of the dieties in Hinduism – putting it out of reach from most people, yet this knowledge is intimately important for human development. We go into a deeper study of the forces that motivate us, those that act as resistance to our progress, and the methods used to transcend the obstacles which come up for all humans.

The  basic content of the course has been taught as a level 2 TTC n the past, and is now incorporated in the Master Program.

11. Concentration & Meditation           $270

A series of techniques for concentration, Dhyana, are presented, with some innovative use of technology for re-programming the mind, followed by an empowerment of the image function of mind; Imagination.

12.  Membership            $36 USD per month

What do you get with the membership?

MEMBERSHIP plan is an invitation for you to join us in our
Online Continuing Education.

How does it work:

We will teach one extended class per week taught by David through the Zoom meeting app.

These classes will revolve around the Chakra Yoga System from the scientific perspective. The practice of asanas with pranayama and movement will progress into use of sound and visual concentration techniques – with a follow-up discussion for your questions and answers.

Our goal is expanding awareness of the benefits of practicing yoga across the world, and create a space (cyberspace) for people who are looking for a deeper journey into the inner world of chakras (quantum physics) and human empowerment.

Everyone is welcome to join us. If you have studied with David, this would be a good opportunity to review, refresh and expand your knowledge and practice. For students who have just begun to study the Chakra Yoga System with the online courses, or courses at the Pyramid Yoga Center in Thailand it is an opportunity to have more experience, while having access to the teacher for questions and answers. Those looking to learn from David’s 5 decades of study, research and practice, will find this to be an excellent opportunity.

1 extended class per week, which is a guided instructional class with discussion & feedback described above. New videos on the research and science as they are produced. All classees will be recorded, so if someone cannot join the live time they can watch it later on their own time.

2 staying connected to the group and teacher will provide motivation and support.

3 the content of classes will be progressive and move into various techniques which are rarely taught in conventional yoga classes.

4 the level of these classes will be adapted to the level of participating students.

5 regular students will receive discounts on special courses offered.

Cost is a very afordable $36 USD per month, with longer term discounts.

WE want to encourage everyone to practice real yoga at this time.