Honoring an Unforgettable Swami Gitananda

In the early 1970s, David studied for two years at Ananda Ashram with the widely loved Dr. Swami Gitananda, a Medical Doctor and Yogi world renowned for his huge smile and unique teaching style who offered the traditional teachings of Eastern Yoga in combination with Western Medicine Principles.

For that reason, his teachings we accessible to students around the world who were attracted to his clear, rational, scientific expositions of ancient philosophical and spiritual concepts. Dr Gitananda was a practical man to the core and the technology of yoga which he transmitted to his students has proven an effective method of attaining perfect health, well being, personality and intellectual development.

Those students of Dr Gitananda, like David, who were able to deepen, concentrate and purify themselves sufficiently were led along an amazing path of raja yoga practices, were initiated into the psychic world of the Chakras; the spiritual energy, colors, forms, sounds and shapes that sensitized the seeker to the meditative qualities of mind and matter.

Known for his sense of humor, Swami would often joke, “I am not here to make money or gain your votes. Therefore, I do not have to please you. My joy is to help you grow. And to grow, you have got to shed all this false conditioning which binds you back.” His approach to living was entirely positive. “Iti, iti. God is This. God is that. Everything is God,” he would say.

On behalf of all our students, past, present and future, David and the Pyramid Yoga family extend their sincere gratitude and blessings to the late Swami Gitananda and his family and friends at Ananda Ashram in Pondicherry, India. We continue to honor your teachings, sharing them with respect, humility, love, but most importantly – a healthy sense of humor.