Muladhara  chakra

Root  Foundation  Center

  • Muladhara, the energy of compression, is the creative force underlying the material world, pulling particles together like building blocks to manifest the earth element.
  • At the molecular level, this energy is the strong integrative power that holds each individual atom together; it is the nuclear core of the material world.
  • At the universal level, it is the gravitational pull that holds individual stars and planets together, and it creates what we experience as the gravity of the earth – the pull that keeps us on the ground.
  • At the physiological level, it is the force that empowers cells to gather nutrients for growth, as in children’s bodies where an abundance of this energy is required. Hormones and neuro-peptides produced by the sex glands reflect this energy and distribute it throughout the body.
  • At the psychological level, Muladhara energy generates thoughts about the self, possessions, survival, and acquisition.


The earth element is the primary force in material creation. In its essence, this force is the energy of gravitation, an energy that draws in upon itself, pulling in towards the center. It is the strong binding power that holds together the physical components of the universe. In the Hindu version of yoga, this force is personified as Brahma, the god of creation. We could say that it is the force that holds universal energy in patterns, and these patterns give us the impression of physical matter. They do this by arranging sub-atomic particles into the atoms, molecules and cells that make up our shared perception of a solid material world.
On the macrocosmic planetary scale, we know this force as gravity, a strong power that keeps the earth intact. However, just as we often take gravity for granted, we also frequently overlook the importance of this integrative power upon our physical beings. On the microcosmic scale, this same energy keeps each atom in our bodies intact and gives each cell its integrity, and each organ its individuality; it gives us our individuality, keeping our bodies from melting into the ground beneath us. Indeed, once we lose this force, we do in fact dissolve back into the earth. In Sanskrit, this elemental gravitational force is called Prithvi.

Swadhistana chakra

Dwelling place of the Soul

  • Swadhistana is the energy of cohesion, a force that gently pulls together and binds things together.
  • At the molecular level, it creates the bonds between atoms to make the molecules of all the known substances in nature as well as in the synthetic world.
  • It is flowing energy that allows flexibility, adaptability and change. This energy, added to the solidity of the first chakra, contributes the ability to move, creating what we call living matter rather than rock. At the universal level, it creates the flowing orbits of moons around planets, and of planets around suns. It is the movability of the entire system.
  • At the physiological level, the energy of the second chakra creates bonds between hemoglobin, oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as among various nutrients, to create proteins and complex molecules. It is also responsible for thousands of chemical bonds which occur at the neuropeptide level of body and brain chemistry.
  • At a psychological level, this force attracts and pulls people together to share energy, emotions,ideas and experiences. It is the social energy on which society is based.


 The energy/power of cohesion or covalence. Like the first elemental force, the water element also attracts, but it is a much more flexible molecular force that bonds the oxygen and hydrogen atoms together in order to make a water molecule. This energy pulls or attracts atoms of compatible energy fields and bonds them together in a variety of molecules, including water. The combination can be rearranged, that is to say: the atoms are interchangeable. For instance, the hydrogen in the water molecule can be replaced by carbon to make CO2
The same force applies in hemoglobin when its iron molecules give up oxygen and takes on CO2, a process continually functioning within the chemistry of our cells.Water, the second elemental force, is called Apas in Sanskrit, or Apana when referred to as a prana. (Sanskrit has a very elaborate vocabulary for describing the energy world.) With the second chakra we are looking at a more subtle power than the first, yet its overall energy is responsible for much of what we find in nature. This element is accountable for most of the compound substances that make up the world. Very few things we see, and experience are made of simple elements; almost everything is made of combinations. These complex arrangements of atoms into molecules are all held together by the force of covalence, a variable and pliable bond that keeps the elements in relation for a while, yet simultaneously allows for motion, flow and change. In the theory of chemistry this fluid arrangement occurs when compatible atoms share some of their electrons. Water and wood are both compounds made of combinations of atoms; the first is fluid at room temperature while the second is solid yet its molecules can be totally re-arranged in combustion. This liquid adaptability is characteristic of Swadhistana energy.

Manipura Chakra

City of Jewels

  • Manipura instigates change and transformation in the manifest world. It is the force that breaks apart the bonds created by Swadhistana energy and brings about subsequent liberation of energy we perceive as heat and light.
  • At the molecular level the force of Manipura moves into the realm of quantum physics,instigating the liberation of energy from the quanta, small packets of energy that make up the atoms. These are now explained as photons of light or heat. From the yogic view of chakra energy, this aspect of the atomic forces is what we take in as ‘prana’ from the air we breathe.
  • At the universal level this fire element is the energy we see as light and feel as heat, whether from a campfire, a light bulb, or the sun. Manipura is energy that has been liberated or released from matter, or matter that has been transformed into energy. Matter and energy are two different sides of the same coin.
  • At the physiological level it is responsible for transformation and liberation of energy from the food we have eaten. This includes digestion, and subsequent changing of some of those nutrients into energy for motion and action.
  • At the psychological level it motivates change, action, creativity (especially visual) and spontaneous action. People dominant with this force are often perceived as non-conformists.
In this photo, we are looking at two different views of the same picture. The lighting is different, giving us the illusion of two different things. The third chakra energy governs eye function and vision; this one picture gives us a view of ‘seeing’ with the two outer eyes and also seeing with the inner third eye. Fire: the energy/power of combustion and transformation. This force triggers the release of one atom from another, breaking apart covalent bonds and liberating electrons, photons of light, and at a lower frequency, heat. Energy lines from the universe cross at an angle of 36° to create the elemental force that we most easily recognize as energy itself. When electromagnetic lines weaving the fabric of the universe intersect at such angles, they spark the element of fire. It’s another holographic part of the illusion. We don’t need to look far out into the universe to see this one: the sun itself is the most blazing example of this transformative firepower. Propelled by this power, matter is continuously being changed into energy which we experience as light and heat. Without it we would not see anything at all, nor would any organic life exist. Just as the sun provides heat for things to grow on the planet, within the microcosm it is the solar center of each atom, the radiant nucleus that gives life energy, heat and light to each atom, and subsequently to each cell. At the level of groups of cells called organs, it is the transforming power of the digestive process that breaks down food into the components to build and energize the body. On the other hand, at the cellular level, it can sometimes create too much heat and terminate cell activity, as in a high fever. Fire in its destructive nature can burn. Taken too far and without the balance of the other elements, this fire can dehydrate and wither things, evaporating the water out of them and thus destroying the life that was originally there.

Anahata chakra

Center of Unstruck Sound

  • Anahata energy contributes the expansion and outward moving forces in the universe.
  • At the molecular level it is the repulsion of like forces. Just as two north poles of a magnet will push each other apart, or as two rubber balls colliding will bounce off each other, this force acts on each molecule of air, pushing them apart to create the expansion element which has been referred to as ‘air’ for millennia.
  • At the physiological level the force of Anahata makes us breathe and keeps our heart beating.Its expansive nature creates healing of the body through detoxification and elimination of accumulated undesirable substances, gently pushing everything out of the body through an ingenious array of methods.
  • At the universal level this force is expanding the universe, moving every star and galaxy Outward and away from each other; Anahata power on a grand scale.
  • At the psychological level Anahata energy urges us to reach out and help or heal people. The Feeling of compassion and/or love motivates actions when this energy is balanced and flowing.


The energy or power of expansion. The force of Anahata is manifested through the air
element and can be observed in the way air molecules push each other apart when we blow into a balloon. This is an intangible force, far more subtle than the previous three. However,it is a force that can be felt in the magnetic world when, for example, we put two north poles of a magnet together and witness the repulsion they exert against each other. Whereas fire
has been a perceptibly obvious power ever since primitive times, the power of air is invisible. Consider what energy form makes that balloon expand when you blow air into it. The air molecules are pushing each other apart; like little magnets, they do not want to be compressed.This gentle power creates space between particles of matter, (if there is such a thing as a particle in reality).
It is an expansive force that moves out from the center; the opposite of gravity. Anahata is the power that makes our lungs expand when they fill up with air, and also the force that moves oxygen throughout the body (out to the extremities) to nourish all cells. This subtle force moves outward, distributing and expanding the atoms of our being and thus constitutes the essence of the energy that makes us expand as we are growing up. On a microcosmic level, this type of prana it is called Vyana, while on the macrocosmic scale, this energy causes the entire universe to expand, and is referred to as Vayu. It is a powerful force at least equal to that of gravity and is always counterbalancing that inward pull. We have said nothing here of the power of air as wind in our everyday world. Think for a moment about tornadoes and hurricanes and what power is there. The ancient Summerians venerated “Enlil,” lord of air and wind, as their top deity. Subtle as the air element may be, it becomes quite powerful at times. It is also the same repulsive force that keeps us from falling through the floor – when the zillions of little molecular (atomic) magnets in our feet push away from the molecular magnets in the wood floor – nothing ever really touches. This tiny repulsive force counterbalances gravity, and if not for this, matter would collapse as it does in black holes (where all material in and on planet earth would condense into a ball the size of an orange; imagine how tiny we would be!)

Vishuddha chakra

Center of Great Purity

  • Vishuddha chakra brings us into the sea of vibrations. Its essence is a vast field of electromagnetic energy in a constant state of vibration at a wide range of frequencies. In the scientific reality we are swimming in this ocean of invisible energy.
  • At the molecular level this harmony exists in the bonds and relations between atoms and molecules that make up our being. When that harmony is present, the atoms and molecules move together in a cosmic dance that creates the solid material bodies we inhabit and the world we perceive. When disharmony prevails, we have disintegration and disease.
  • Universally this vibrant force permeates the infinity of space through light-waves and a vast array of other electromagnetic vibrations that we cannot perceive through our normal senses. As with the fourth chakra force, Vishuddha moves outward with a pressure that keeps the cosmos expanding in the same way that sound moves out in all directions from any source of vibration.
  • At the physiological level the vibration of the fifth chakra is what activates our metabolism, raising or lowering our metabolic rate according to a specific speed of vibration. It also has an influence on the harmony or disharmony within cell groups in our body. Just as music can be harmonious or noise can be chaotic, the vibrations of Vishuddha directly influence and affect our internal environment.
  • Psychologically the energy of Vishuddha vibrates throughout our brain cells stimulating a thought process that can seemingly go on forever. Intellect comes to life with unlimited new ideas from the universal mind. This cosmic mind is referred to in the Indian tradition as the Akashic records; a vast energy field which contains the universal library of past, present and future. All the seeds of creation are contained in this field.


The element of Ether, is an ethereal element that in modern terminology it electromagnetic vibration. Vishuddha is energy in its unbound state, the free-flowing, vibrant power filling the cosmos. In the perceived material universe, the space in between material things is permeated with electromagnetic energy in the form of light and a large variety of other frequencies that our normal worldly senses do not pick up. In fact, our senses are seduced into the illusion that we are seeing and feeling solid reality, which is in “reality” made up of compressed energy. Drawn into the concept of being in a human body, we adapt for survival on this planet, otherwise, we would perceive it too much as a dream and we would not take it seriously, dissolving ourselves back into the ocean of possibilities like a drop of water merging back into the ocean. This fifth chakra vortex is energy in motion, constantly vibrating and moving – radiating – out in all directions from each of the infinite numbers of stars that comprise our physical universe. When we look at the stars at night, what we see are the trillions of electromagnetic waves coming at us from those stars. Visible light is only a small part of what is actually coming toward us. Normally we do not have the heightened sensitivity to perceive this phenomenon directly.

With technological inventions, we have expanded our awareness of this whole realm. Once called ether it is now called the electromagnetic spectrum. The spectrum includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light (UV), X-rays and gamma rays – plus an array of vibrant frequencies which we are not yet named, though we are capable of
observing and measuring. Electronic and nuclear technology is still taking us further into this phenomenon. As we are in the yuga age of Dwapara, ( a Hindu term for the age of technology), this knowledge is rapidly expanding each enlightening year.


Ajna chakra

Command Center

  • Ajna brings about manifestation by setting the magnetic pattern which holds every particle or wave in its place, or along its path. Like a web or holographic image, it is the mental/ energetic blueprint for life.
  • At the molecular level, polarity runs through every atom and molecule. A magnetic force, establishing the magnetic guideline for every electromagnetic wave, Ajna is at the core of every “thing”.
  • The universal level also has a pattern of magnetic fields, one which keeps the position and motion of all parts in balance. These universal gridlines make up the web that weaves our manifested reality. The unseen Matrix.
  • Physiologically this energy governs our unfolding body as we grow from seed to adult, following the genetic blueprint from which our personal manifestation originates. Throughout life, Ajna remains the governing force behind the old axiom “mind over matter”, constantly directing our body and brain chemistry according to beliefs and expectations.
  • At the psychological level, this chakra is our command center, the site where we make decisions and govern our thoughts, actions, and even feelings.


The 6th chakra, Ajna, is the element of mind. Within the realm of the energy world, this “elemental” force of the mind is known today as magnetism. To scientists and physicists in the modern world, magnetism can be detected or observed as lines of force, found virtually everywhere as magnetic fields. In the last chapter we looked at electromagnetic energy – an intangible, non-substance that permeates the entire universe, referred to as dark energy or dark matter. Now with the mind element, we peek into the center of those electromagnetic waves and see magnetic lines that act as guiding forces around which spinning electron energies, (quanta), form the spirals we perceive as electromagnetic energy.
These are the Shat Chakras linked with our physical bodies; six within our human worldly existence. The next six, of which we consider only three, are part of the Universal reality. The final trinity of 10, 11, and 12 are so far beyond time and space that there is nothing to describe them in this world.

Sahasrara Chakra

This is the element of consciousness itself, the observer who is watching and having the experience of life in whatever dimension we are focused. With this awareness coming down into the body chakras we experience the external world of the senses. In our dreams and in states of meditation, we have experiences in the greater multi-dimensional Universe. Dreams may be how we are released from body experience, but with yogic methods of concentration and meditation, we gain the freedom to go beyond. Consciousness of course expands beyond the body in this world also, helping us to question, explore, travel and learn internationally, beyond the limitations of our ego and cultural norms.

In the above artwork we see the inclusion of the body chakras as in our human situation, being here in the world with our processing mind, 6th; our beliefs and expression, 5th; our feelings and sensations, 4th; our sight, actions and reactions, 3rd; our taste and relations, 2nd; and finally our sense of smell and physical body. This is the crown chakra, indicating it is above the head, not in it. this is what allows the detachment of consciousness and freedom to go beyond. We all do this in our final departure. Oftentimes this chakra is depicted as a ‘thousand petal’ lotus. This thousand refers to a special mantra laya which utilizes that many petal mantras to elevate consciousness beyond the world.