Certified Yoga Teacher Training & Instructor Course in Thailand

At Pyramid Yoga Center, we have been running multiple courses throughout the year, now we are also offering them online. Most of our courses had been held at the center in Thailand, with an occasional course held in The Philippines. These courses are based on the strong foundations of Chakra Yoga that David has built over a lifetime of study and practice. One of the main courses which have been taught for 21 years has now evolved into the Chakra Yoga Masters program, taught in Thailand, a very comprehensive education in the whole science of Yoga. This is a complete education in the whole science of yoga.


What begins with a teacher’s training during the first month progresses into a higher form of training in mind and consciousness; it is more challenging than successfully doing asanas but results in an amazing state of mind with a formidable expansion of consciousness. This is literally yoga beyond the asanas, without disregarding the foundation of the physical postures. There is just so much more.  This training contains the usual postures, (108)minimum) they are taught with pranayama techniques and explanations of physiological benefits. The how and why of our physical body functions leads to a much greater understanding and the empowerment of our human nature, and its potential as a healthy happy being.

Those who teach the course have years of experience before and after doing the ChakraYoga Training. David himself has 53 years of teaching experience during which time he has never had anyone injured in a class. What he learned from Swami Gitananda was that by ‘feeling’ your body you become aware of what you are doing to it from the inside out – making you notice where the limits are in any movement or posture, so you simply don’t go too far. While teaching he gives a thorough explanation of the physical benefits gained by doing them. Methods and techniques are given for the rejuvenation of each gland and organ, as well as the body systems. Also he began learning from Dr. Swami Gitananda, but then continues his research still today through scientific discoveries. The relation/connection between chakras and quantum physics is his specialty.

In May of 2022 David demonstrated the effectiveness of his yoga practice through DNA testing, which shows his biological age to be 48 while his chronological age is 74. Thanks to Chakra Yoga he is 25 years younger than he is supposed to be.

The cost of this Master program with one year video upgrades is only $3600.


There are two levels to this course, the first part is a very detailed Teacher Training with an intricate explanation of body functions, physiology, anatomy, how to tune everything up at the level of our physical existence. This is the first month, during which there are detox techniques taught and practices for the physical body, as well as an in-depth psychological detox in preparation for the second month. In the second month the training moves into the self-mastery techniques that have been the core of yoga for thousands of years: mastering your mind allows you to turn it off, stop thinking and re-center in peaceful consciousness anytime. From there the journey into the chakras begins in an amazing development of human potential.

With 6 years of experience in the practice and teaching of yoga, Zola brings her sparkling light into alignment and flow. She has studied Vinyasa TTC and Ashtanga TTC as well as spent the last two years integrating the Chakra Yoga System. She is the assistant and partner of David in his practice and teaching.

Bruce has been deeply involved with the practice and teaching of Chakra Yoga for the last year. He is living at the center and managing many aspects of the Pyramid center as well as actively studying more about chakra energy.

Serah has been studying with David since September 2015 when she did her 500hr TTC in The Chakra Yoga Centre, Philippines. The course inspired her and opened her up to the realities of the energy world. Science and spirituality as one – it was exactly the knowledge she had been seeking. Prior to 2015 Serah completed a Bachelor’s degree in Positive Psychology from UBC, where she focused on the healing aspects of being in nature. Serah loves the natural world and all it’s creatures. She grew up in Canada with beloved dogs and cats often camping, hiking, swimming in lakes, waterskiing, and picnicking on the beach with wonderful family and friends. This sense of adventure from her childhood motivated her to see more of the world through travel which sparked an amazing journey. Serah is curious and grateful to continue exploring the world, consciousness and energy. She loves to work with healing practices such as reiki and yoga chiketsa and encourages all to tap into their innate healing powers. Humans are truly miraculous beings and Serah looks forward to exploring this experience with you at Pyramid Yoga Centre in the jungle of Koh Phangan – her new home away from home.

Joanna Leusin is a master’s graduate in psychology who has worked with human energies in the field of mind and emotions for the last 10 years. For 5 years she has travelled in the East, gaining experience and knowledge about spiritual development. Since she discovered the Chakra System 3 years ago she studied and integrated this power and ancient wisdom in her work and life. Now she is joining David in bringing the psychological and holistic perspective into the mind/body therapy through yoga. She also teaches on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The Master Program is an all-inclusive education in the 9 forms of yoga

Beyond the asanas and what has become known in Western Yoga lies a vast education towards a complete understanding of the universal reality we live in. It is a system of education more elaborate than any “university”.

A system is composed of many parts, yet having many parts without a system is more of a chaotic jumble. As a comparison, think of going to an auto parts store and buying some pistons, wheels, nuts and bolts, a carburetor, spark plugs and put all these in a box. Maybe you would like to have a car, but what is in the box will never become a car without a systematic organization to put all the parts together.

We humans are elaborate sophisticated biological and psychological systems of consciousness, perceiving an apparent world that is just made of energy waves pretending to be atoms when we are observing them as such. In the Yoga tradition, this appearance of the world was called Maya – a word that means illusion. Modern Quantum Physics is pointing to the fact that this is the case.

The Chakra Yoga System is the building plan for putting together all the parts, methods and techniques into an evolving human species. Within the system are 9 distinct forms of yoga, each with an elaborate list of techniques to deal with one aspect of being human. More Detail

  1. Hatha Yoga deals with the physical form, from the study of physiology and body chemistry to the practices of hundreds of postures and movements.
  2. Gnana Yoga – a meditative study of how the mind and emotion actually work, entangled in a psychological drama that can destroy peace of mind.
  3. Pranayama Yoga brings in dozens (72+) of breathing techniques in a progressive sequence which re-directs the energies driving both mind and body, allowing for a re-boot.
  4. Karma Yoga is a study of cause and effect leading us to an understanding of our actions and consequences. Then follows the practice of positive Doing.
  5. Raja Yoga, the royal path of the mind. Learning to control the creative function for re-programming, creating and manifesting through the imaginative and verbal power of mind.
  6. Yantra Yoga: the study of sacred geometry and mathematics as it applies to human time, structure and form as well as nature and temples.
  7. Mantra Yoga vibrates into the use of sound in musical harmonies that elevate consciousness beyond the rational mind into greater spiritual realms.
  8. Laya Yoga – the mystical practices of working with the invisible energies of the Quantum World with the technology of Human Being.
  9. Bhakti Yoga – the bigger picture of our connection to the greater consciousness of the spiritual universe; the larger entanglement we are all part of.
yoga teacher training thaiiland

The way of yoga has always been self-mastery; just as you learn the postures one at a time, how to successfully do them and master them, you do this with the mind; this is the core of yoga. What was the teacher’s training has evolved into a higher form of training in mind and consciousness; it is more challenging than successfully doing asanas, but results in an amazing state of mind with a formidable expansion of consciousness. This is literally yoga beyond the asanas

The MasterTTC is based on the strong foundations of Chakra Yoga that David has built over a lifetime of study and practice. The main course which has been taught for 21 years, Certified Teacher Training is now the Chakra Yoga Master Program, a very comprehensive education in the science of Yoga. This education in the whole science of yoga is being offered online as well as in person at the Thailand center later this year.

Although this training contains the usual postures, they are taught with pranayama techniques and explanations of physiological benefits. The how and why of our physical body functions leads to a much greater understanding and the empowerment of our human nature, and its potential as a healthy happy being. Chakra Yoga Master Certification provides comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of Yoga. The time and effort you put into mastering your mind give you benefits that last not only the rest of your life but beyond and into the kind of beyond you consciously choose.Waves

We live in a culture that does not even consider what is beyond. Ancient yogic (and other) cultures explored the Beyond, extensively.

The training is divided into multiple courses, from asana flows, breathing practices, yoga nidra, contemplation and concentration techniques as well as meditation. Some of these are geared to the awakening of healing forces, used for self-healing and providing others to heal terminal and chronic degenerative diseases for which Western medicine has no solutions. By mastering all of the doubts and fears in your mind, the body’s health can also be mastered. These courses were previously forbidden by Yoga Alliance of America, and this is why chakra yoga has disconnected from their asana fitness regulations.

Yoga Study

Courses can be done separately, for students who cannot commit to the time and finances at once. The full program is recommended over whatever time it takes for each individual and the total cost is US $2754

Courses available:  all within the Master’s program.

  1. We currently have 12 programs running:
    1. Introduction to the Chakra Yoga System
    2. Basic Breath Training Workshop
    3. Ekadasi Pranayama Psychological Detox
    4. The Chakra System Part 1 (1-5)
    5. The Chakra System Part 2 (6-9)
    6. Yantra Yoga
    7. Laya Kundalini
    8. Anti-Virus Program
    9. Dharana – Contemplation
    10. Master Upgrade
    11. Concentration & Manifestation
    12. Membership, ( Monthly)

Students in the west rarely consider the basis of yoga which states that what we perceive with our senses is an illusion.  In India, it’s called Maya and the goal of yoga is to wake up from the hypnotic nature of the illusion and get to know the underlying reality. This “new reality” has now been discovered by Western science, and is explained as a sea of quantum waves, all interconnected, and entangled.

Discovering this is not exactly the goal of western yoga practice.

However, we are now in a quantum shift of realities.  From horse and buggy to spaceflight: from the pony express mail service to e-mail and Skype.  Technology has galloped ahead, and our human being is still on the horse.

The fundamental science of the west is quantum physics, the base science which explains what everything is made of.  Now, this science is stating that the reality we see as a solid world is not what it seems.  The miniature building blocks of our world are energy waves of possibilities.  These waves condensed into the atoms and molecules and cells when there is a conscious observer.  So here we are in human bodies that seem very real while we are experiencing them: but when the conscious observer leaves, the cells dissolve back into random molecules and atoms in the process of decay.

What if we sharpen our conscious observer and become directors in the manifestation of our molecular structure.?  What if we reshaped our glands and organs into the original condition and peak performance?  And what if we reboot the mind to an upgraded belief system encompassing amazing possibilities?

This is the study of Chakra Yoga, beyond the asanas, we go into the realm of science – old and new – to discover what we are really made of and how much influence we have on our mental, emotional and physical being.

So: at the beginning of the yoga practice, we deal with the physical reality of our bodies with detoxification, good diet, exercise and breathing.  With the advancing practices in Chakra Yoga, we come to the realization that the mind and consciousness are directors of the energy that makes everything happen within the body.  With greater advancement and practice we realize this director’s choice applies to the world outside as well.

This brings us to the understanding of why there have always been magical stories revolving around yogis of India; it also sheds light on Merlin and Gandalf, not to mention Yoda.

The comprehensive nature of this course brings in the latest findings in neurobiology and other related sciences, which all point back to the influence of the mind over matter. Subsequently, there is a greater emphasis on mental development through contemplation (Dharana), concentration (Dhyana), and meditation (Samadhi), than there is on the physical asanas. In the contemplation classes, there is a significant amount of new information from updated scientific research introduced – which makes our old worldview obsolete and brings in a whole new realm of possibilities for our human experience. This is part of building a new belief system based on the energy wheels called Chakras, or the Quantum energies of physics; it is the same reality described from two different perspectives. With the Science of Chakra Yoga, the student learns to see, feel and hear the vibratory nature of this energy through the practices in breath-asana integration, together with audio-visual concentration technique and thus come to experience the cellular and molecular nature of our human reality.

Students looking for development, personal growth and higher altered states of consciousness are well suited for this course. Through personal development and experiences beyond the material world, students come to understand the greater scope of yoga and then teach from that perspective.

Yoga students wanting to be asana instructors in the fitness world of normal yoga studios will be happier taking any of the hundreds of other teacher training courses available globally. If you prefer to have a more comprehensive education in the full science of yoga, this is the course for you.