The science of Yoga has been around for millennia but unfortunately, it has far too often fallen into the domain of religion or philosophy. The energy ‘wheels’ referred to as chakras are real energy from a scientific perspective, not mystical flowers growing on your spine. Science is now discovering how the energy of the universe moves and forms into patterns. In Yantra Yoga, the study develops our understanding of Sacred Geometry used in the building of Pyramids and temples globally.

In this photo of the human anatomy, we see the vertical layout of the chakras according to ancient Hindu culture. This recurring theme in many ancient cultures shows widespread knowledge about our energy anatomy thousands of years before we developed our modern-day technology with electricity and microwave communication. We must re-educate ourselves in the quantum building blocks that make us, returning our knowledge to self-knowledge. With modern science at our disposal, we can learn to influence our internal chemistry in such a way as to rejuvenate rather than age.